9 comments on “A Walk Down Memory Lane: 1961

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  2. Nice blog. I graduated high school and went into the US Army in 1961. Quite a year, it was. Brink of War year because Krushchev announced we had to be out of Berlin by October or there’d be war. The National Guard and Army Reserve were activated and every military compound in the country filled up with tents and trainees.

  3. a 1967 baby here and from Australia but a memory of most of those events, perhaps through highlights over the yrs of my youth .. It’s very sad to look back and see where we are now .. i think i prefer the past when real face to face communication and respect and compassion and oh yes, the modest fashion .. a great blog!
    Thank you and God Bless 🙂

  4. First, Thank you for stopping by My Hmmm Collection. I hope you come back again.

    1961 grabbed my attention… I was born in the Fall of that year and do remember much of what you have shared. It is sad to see how far from those ideals we have drifted. However, in looking back we can see where we began to go wrong and as individuals begin to influence others in the right direction.

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