Things we Take for Granted

This morning I have hands on my mind…

They are really amazing things, in fact they are so amazing, complex, useful and reliable that they make pretty strong evidence for those who argue for intelligent design…

Well, they do.  Many people claim that dolphins are more intelligent than people.  Dolphins don’t have hands.  What have they been able to do with all of their intelligence?

But that’s not why I’m stuck on hands this morning!

I woke up today in major pain; my left hand is all messed up, in fact I can defiantly say that today it is “out-of-order”.  The only cause I can imagine is that I must have slept on it funny…

Yeah, real funny!

Writing this post reminds me of seventh grade when I reported to typing class with a broken wrist.  My left hand was in a cast and everything I did was one-handed.  My teacher’s response was that I should do the best I can without it.  Of course that wasn’t going to help my grade, and I never learned to type entirely correctly either…

OK, so what will I do today one-handed?

I’ll give thanks to God for another beautiful day, I’ll thank Him that I don’t have anything wrong that’s really any big deal, and maybe I’ll just spend some time praying for those people who really do have problems. You see, I don’t have any problem today, just a little inconvenience.

Yes, dear reader, life is good; life in Christ is awesome!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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