On Being Alone

Most people don’t really like to be alone.

I don’t mean “by themselves,” I mean “alone.”

To be alone is to have nobody to turn to, to have no help…  Most people don’t like that feeling, so they fight it, they deny it and they set about to change it.  I’ve had this experience myself; maybe you have as well. I always thought that you shouldn’t give into these kinds of feelings; I am a fighter!

I’ve come to realize that this “fighting” response is not very helpful.

It is all well and good to find oneself in a bad situation and to want to do something about it, in fact that would seem to me to be a healthy response, however the feeling of being alone is neither the situation nor the time to jump up and “do something.”  The reason is that it is precisely when we find ourselves all alone that we can come to realize that we are actually not alone at all! It is when we stop fighting and taking charge of everything that we come face to face with the fact that God has been there for us the whole time.

God is faithful, God is there, God is available to take over our heavy burdens and lead us into a better place.  The journey may not always be an easy one, but the destination is worth the trip… and yet we can only start down the road when we come to realize that we can’t do it by controlling everything.  The journey requires us to surrender to God.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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