What does God see?

When God looks down on the earth, what do you suppose He sees?

It has been written that He sees one beautiful planet on which we all live together.  He doesn’t see the divisions between Peoples or nations, just one big harmonious family of children who love each other and have good hearts, but who from time to time misbehave.  OK, maybe this is a little over simplified, but I think it’s what many have said over the years…

I do not agree with this view, however.

It seems to me that God doesn’t need to look down as though He was an astronaut, for He does not have such limitations.  God knows and sees all, the “good, the bad and the ugly.”  We know from Scripture that God sees things differently than most of us do; that is for certain.  He sees our rebellion, He sees our repentance, He sees us slip and fall again.

He also sees that He has a people who have been redeemed and who desire to serve Him.  He sees many go forth in this world to share the Gospel, to give aid to the poor, the hungry, the sick and the oppressed.  He sees many growing daily in their faith, being transformed into His likeness, slowly at first, and then more and more through the years.  He sees those people giving glory to His name and boldly proclaiming His truth in the darkness of this world.

I don’t know how the mind of God works, but I can imagine that we all cause Him disappointment and grief on occasion.  What I know for sure is that He never stops loving us, even when we fail.  I know that He desires for us all to become part of His eternal Kingdom to be forever in fellowship with Him.  I also know that when He looks at me, He sees the blood of His Son.

My prayer is that when He meets all of us face to face on that great day, that He will see His humble sons and daughters who have finally come home to dwell with Him for all eternity, and that He will say to each of us, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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2 Responses to What does God see?

  1. Amen. I agree God knows and sees all but I love how you stated he sees those people giving glory to His name and boldly proclaiming His truth in the darkness of this world. Jesus says we are the light of world. A city that is set on hill cannot be hid. I want to live a life that when GOD looks down I SHINE for him like the stars in the night sky.

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