Sunday Class notes: November 18

The Priority of the Gospel

Today’s Text: 1 Peter 3:1-12



This section continues from last week’s text, where Peter was teaching the faithful that they should be submissive to authority; governmental and in employment.  In today’s text, Peter continues to discuss the role of wives and husbands with the promotion of the Gospel as the greatest priority.

Points of Interest


1-6:                  In this section, Peter is addressing wives with the message that they should submit themselves to and obey their husbands.  Notice that in verses one and two, Peter points out that wives should do this so that their husbands, if they are not believers, might see the Gospel in action rather than by being preached to about it.  He then goes on to address a woman’s beauty as being inward rather than outward.  Consider that if we tell people that Christ provides our all, then it may seem odd if we adorn ourselves with all sorts of worldly “bling”.  In verse four he cites the inner beauty of a person.  This is not mere talk, but rather it is as if he is telling all people that others should see the Gospel of Christ working in their lives, as opposed to our adornments. Finally, in verse six, Peter reminds women of their female examples in Scripture and how they lived.

7:                     This verse is directed at husbands, and its main emphasis is to instruct them that their wives’ submission is not an invitation to bad behavior.  Note that men are cautioned to regard their wives as co-heirs to all that it means to be in Christ.  Although Peter doesn’t say so directly, we could take from this that such behavior on the man’s part would be helpful in bringing an unbelieving wife to faith.  Another note would be the very end of the verse where Peter says that our good behavior will ensure that nothing hinders our prayers.  What do you suppose he means by that?

8-12:                In this final section, Peter gives general instructions for how all of us should live and interact with others: Be loving, compassionate, sympathetic and humble.

Would you say that this sort of living would be likely to advance the Gospel?

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A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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