Blogging is kind of funny…

I’ve been doing this blog for quite some time now.  Maybe not as long as some of course, and certainly not as successfully as many, but I’ve been doing it long enough to realize a few things that I’d like to share now.church_clipart_white

First, since I started this blog in October of 2011, I’ve found that my original intention for the blog has changed and the blog has become something quite different, and I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not.  Along the way, I’ve also noticed that when ever I write what I might call a “serious” post, my viewership that day crashes.  Lesson learned: Academic isn’t what people want to read here.

I’ve also noticed that when I do something that is short, inspirational and has a nice picture, viewership soars. Lesson learned: keep it short and hopeful.  Finally I’ve learned that if I keep a post short and hopeful, I can get away with a little bit of teaching by ending it with a thought-provoking question…

As I write this, thinking about these things, my mind is telling me that I’m about to get serious and kind of long, so I’ll come straight to my point before I lose you (hopefully):

There is something that I really need to share with you, which I believe to be very, very important, but it is serious.  Why should I bother to write about it when all I will do is crash my viewership and be speaking only to myself? Yes, I’m kind of thinking aloud here so please bear with me for a moment.  How can I present this topic in a series of short, hopeful and, maybe even inspiring to some, manner without watering down the importance of it?

I don’t know, but I’m going to try!

The subject is what causes a church to grow, and what causes a church to shrink and die.  Gee, in today’s world I’d say that is kind of important!

Wouldn’t you?

I’ll start my quest tomorrow and I guess we’ll just see how it goes.  I hope you’ll give it a try.  If I bore you, let me apologize in advance, and please don’t hesitate to tell me about it!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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6 Responses to Blogging is kind of funny…

  1. mike and brandy says:

    hey brother, great question ad topic. depends on what you mean by ‘growth’. are you talking numbers of individuals and families or what the Word says about the body of christ growing in depth and knowledge of God and Christ and the Word? to be honest, i couldn’t give a rip about churches that ‘grow’ in numbers over the years and all the scemes they have to come up with to get and keep the ‘attention’ of all those people who come just to be ‘attended’ to. church growth is all about depth not height of noteriety or breadth of population.
    not that a godly growing church needs to be small and stay small, but the focus we gather around should be Jesus, His Word and the Body that is there… not how we get more into the building. but how we get more Christ in Us, or more of ourselves grounded in Christ for Life.

    • Don Merritt says:

      Hey Mike!

      Now if I answer your question, you won’t need to read the coming series of posts!

      I’ll give you a hint though: If you have a small church that isn’t growing spiritually, it isn’t going to grow in numbers either. My goal is to explain why that is…


  2. mike and brandy says:

    oops… sorry i spolied the punchline… but i will still read the following posts. i always enjoy your portion of the Gifting of Christ’s Body.

  3. Pieter Stok says:

    Don you have reading my thoughts! These initial questions have crossed my mind too. Sadly, I think it says much about the pace and attention span of western society today. Regardless, if the Lord has placed weighty matters on your heart, brother, declare them. Great post.

    • Don Merritt says:

      Thanks Pieter, I appreciate that. I’ve been having difficulty lately in coming up with ideas to write about, but if I’m honest with myself I know what I need to write about but I’ve been trying to avoid it. No more of that!


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