Should I or shouldn’t I?

This past weekend I conducted a Workshop on how to live like Christ Monday through Saturday.  The whole idea behind the program was to help Christians to understand what the Bible teaches on this topic in a practical and applicable way.  It was a nice success, and I have gotten very good feedback from the attendees.

It occurred to me in setting up the curriculum that this is a subject that is best understood in light of two things: spiritual warfare, and the terms and promises of the New Covenant.  Putting things in a covenant context is something I do all of the time in teaching, for without an understanding of covenant, most people have grave difficulty understanding Scripture.  In fact, when you come right down to cases, most great doctrinal disagreements come back to understanding or misunderstanding Biblical covenant and their application.  (See Mom, I really did pay attention in school!)

On the other hand, the spiritual warfare background of day-to-day Christian life is more difficult to present in a simple, clear way that doesn’t result in people getting carried away with shadows in the dark…

To make things simple and clear, I opened the Workshop by telling a story from the point of view of an angel in heaven; I assumed the character myself.  The story began with Creation and ran through until the present time.  Obviously I tried to give some idea of what goes on in spiritual warfare, but I had to explain things in earthly language and references, since none of us has been to heaven, and English most likely lacks words for all of the wonders none of us has seen, and arguably this is the sort of thing that the Bible authors themselves had to do, after all, how many times do they say something like “it was like a… ?”  It was “like” something because who can describe it any other way?

In addition, I also filled in some areas that we don’t have texts for, as many theorists have done oer the centuries, so you could say that I took a few liberties with the narrative, something I disclosed to the Workshop.    The bottom line is that the story achieved its purpose of communicating what spiritual warfare is all about and what it ‘looks like’ in real life while avoiding some of the more “far out” speculations that have been found in Christian literature over the years… The “reviews” from the session attendees were positive.

Now here’s my dilemma: I have been thinking of writing down this little narrative in a short series of posts here.  I fully realize that people of various doctrinal backgrounds may read it, and their backgrounds may well differ from mine.  I would not consider this a topic to argue about, not because it isn’t important, but because the argument accomplishes nothing.  I also recognize that the way I did the story, spread out over multiple posts could be confusing, particularly if a person picked up only one “episode.”  Yet, there’s no way it could be shortened to fit in one huge post.

It could be fun; it could help many to have a better understanding… Or it could confuse and frustrate…

Should I or shouldn’t I?

I  wonder…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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4 Responses to Should I or shouldn’t I?

  1. I would… I think you should… Would love to here your perspective… It could make for a good discussion. Plus, you have a way of conveying your thoughts that make people think.

  2. D W Martens says:

    I heard you tell the story in your workshop, and agree with Walter Bright that it will (or at least should) make people think. We cannot “understand the times” if don’t “see” the unseen.

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