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There are times when you have the chance to step back and take stock, times when it’s perfectly natural to experience wonder at all of the things God is doing in your midst.  In these times, we have a sort of bench mark, a new notch on the door frame where we measure our growth both as people and as a community of believers.  I had such a day this past weekend.

Looking at the photograph, I see a small group of people who gathered at a private home to say good bye to a family that is moving away from our area and to another state.  As I look at these faces, the first thing that strikes me is how many of them have been with us for only a short time.  Even though they have been with us for a short time, nearly all of them are very active in serving in our congregation.  Of those who have been with us for a much longer period, we have each grown in our faith and in our walk with our Lord; none of us is the same person that we were five years ago. In fact, five years ago, nobody would have had this event at all. Five years ago, there were not the close relationships to have had this event come together.

The family that is moving away was active in a small group home Bible study, and that small group put this together.  They, and several members of that small group are also active in our Worship Team, and most of the balance of those in the picture are involved in the Worship Team.  Each person to one degree or another is working in a ministry team (or teams) that is actively involved in winning souls for Christ, making disciples and building our Lord’s Kingdom in our community.  While all of us are certainly works in progress, these good people are leading others to relationship with our Lord and at the same time, forming and building relationships with each other that will last a lifetime, no mater where we might be geographically.

I am also struck at how much any observant person can look at this group and see Jesus at work!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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