Last Day

Aug 051

This past Sunday was my last in Milan, Illinois where I have attended since 2005.  Quite a bit has happened since I started there and much of that has been recorded in this blog. I hope you won’t mind my going on about this one more time….

Aug 052

The church has come a very long way from the way it used to be; it’s almost unrecognizable in fact.  The people have grown in their faith, attitudes have changed a great deal and the Gospel of Christ has gone out into the community.

Aug 055

People don’t wait until the last-minute to show up and things start on time now; they never used to.  People hang around after church to visit with their friends now instead of running out the door like they had been shot from a cannon.  Can you guess why that is?  It’s really simple, so simple that many might miss it entirely.  It is because church is where their friends are; that didn’t use to be the way it was.

Aug 056

Yes, so many things are different now!  People actually greet each other when they come in, and visitors are greeted warmly.  The first time I visited there, nobody spoke to me at all…  Oh, by the way, there are no “greeters,” people just enjoy welcoming each other and their guests.

Aug 057

Another thing that’s different now is that the music is really good; almost everybody enjoys it because God is glorified, His name is praised and people really open up to hear the Word of God.

Aug 059

More than anything, I think I’m going to remember how many people said that they would miss us.  An awful lot of very nice things were said as a matter of fact.  To tell you the truth, they won’t miss me half as much as I am going to miss all of them; they’re really an awesome group.

Aug 064

Aug 066

I did not want to leave my church family!  They are like my own family… but what can I do?  The time has come to move on to a new church family.

Even so, I did not want to go! I love my church family at Milan, and I do not intend to forget any of them.  Not now, not later.

May God continue to bless them as they continue to build His church and to make disciples in Milan, Illinois; I know that they are going to do great things for the Gospel there.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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