Are we done for?

One day last week I happened by the front desk here in the building and I heard the lady behind the desk talking with another lady who had just come in.  The gist of what I overheard was that there has never been such a time as now.  With the recent floods, tsunamis, murders; the Middle East… why there was even an earthquake in Washington a few years ago!  The End is near!

Later that same day, I came down to grab the mail and the same lady behind the counter was watching a video about the Rapture…

Friday I heard similar conversations in the Metro station, and walking down Pennsylvania Avenue. It may be that people in the Washington area are on edge after the terrible events of last Monday, yes that could be it.Arlington 9413 057

But then I’ve noticed an uptick of blog posts along similar lines here on WordPress, but then I only come across a tiny fraction of the total posts here; inconclusive I’d say, at least as a sampling.

I have also noticed that there has been quite a bit of crazy news lately, although I will confess that if there have been tsunamis, I missed them.  Understand this, I am no longer a young man, and people have been talking like this for as long as I can remember.  I can recall overhearing my parents speak of the times we were living through in the 1960’s and being concerned about what was going on in the world; wondering what it all meant.  There were riots, wars, natural disasters and hideous crimes going on then.I remember vividly the horror that we all felt after the Manson murders that happened only a few miles from our home, and this was the year after the Robert Kennedy Assassination that also happened in our community. The late 1960’s were frightening times…

Back in the 1990’s when I lived in Nevada, I can recall having lunch with a friend at Taco Bell during a ferocious snowstorm.  Roughly three feet had fallen over a six-hour period and people were saying that this must be the worst storm ever; I was amused.  I was amused because I also recall that on November 11, 1985 there was another snowstorm.  It began snowing at about 9 or 9:30 in the morning, and by noon the white picket fence in our front yard had been completely buried, and the snow continued for the rest of the day, dumping close to eight feet.  People have short memories, as the politician understands.

Look, we may well be entering the last and final days of this Age; Jesus can return at any time… maybe today!  Each generation for the last 2,000 years believed they would be the last, as many today believe. Sooner or later, one of those generations will get it right, and if it is ours, all I can say is Hallelujah!

There is really no point, however, speculating on the subject.  Each and every Christian has been called to make disciples, so rather than spend our time speculating, shouldn’t we be making disciples?

“Yes Don, but these are just like the days of Noah, you must admit that!”

Well, maybe these days are just like the days of Noah, but then that would have to be covered in another post, wouldn’t it?

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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