Like many of you, I’ve been noting the progress of this “Government Shutdown” story as it unfolds, and all I can say is, “Shame!”

I realize that “Obama care” is highly controversial and that even many of those who favor national healthcare are opposed to it; it is simply a bad Bill, passed under cover of darkness on Christmas Eve when nobody was watching… using Parliamentary trickery to do it.  That’s bad enough!

Then, earlier this year, Congress, led by the Senate Majority, got themselves exempted from it, claiming that they and their staffs, could not possibly afford it, while keeping it mandatory for everyone else. Now, the House has submitted a Continuing Resolution to fund the government which includes a provision to delay the requirement for insurance for one year so that the issue can be worked out, and the Senate Majority and the White House have several times killed it, leaving the entire civilian government without funds beginning today.

Up to the time of writing, they have refused to negotiate or even discuss the matter with the House: Deadlock!CAP 032-LR

Quite naturally, the House will be accused of shutting down the government by those who have killed the government’s funding, which is to say the Majority in the Senate and the White House… an obvious, bald-faced lie from those who exempted themselves from the Bill in the first place.  No doubt, the press will report the party line as usual and the people will believe the lie.

What is really galling to me is that the people will believe the lie and blame the people who tried to help them.

I even heard a news piece this morning calling this a “budget battle,” can you imagine?  The current Administration has never sent a Budget to Congress… Never!  There has not been a Federal Budget since the last Administration.  Does anybody even report that?  Is it even legal? Again, the lie triumphs. Those in the wrong will appear to be the ones crying out for justice… and people will believe them.

If anyone is still reading, you might wonder what this has to do with a Christian blog.  Actually there are several lessons we can take from this.  I would like to focus on one in particular today, and that is a lesson that we learn from Scripture, both Old and New Testaments, but nowhere more clearly than in Revelation.  That lesson is that in this world, few things are what they appear to be.

Those who claim that they will be providing everyone with “affordable health care” talk as though they have everyone’s best interests at heart while taking away your freedom of choice in health care.  They tell you that it will be more affordable, but they fail to mention what it will cost you, and of course, most people have never even heard of the huge tax on medical devices that is included in all of this, nor do most people know about the health care surtax that you will pay on top of your regular taxes… and you will do so by writing a check on April 15th. Affordable?  Not likely.

In fact, this is such a wonderful plan that it is mandatory, and you will be fined if you don’t become part of it.

That is, of course, unless you are one of the ones who forced it upon us. That alone should tell you that it is not hat it appears to be!

A national disgrace?  Yes.  A national outrage?  Yes.  A surprise?  No. An object lesson?  No doubt whatsoever!

For us, it is a reminder that we cannot place our hope and trust in the institutions of men, nor in the men themselves, but rather in the One, the True; the very Son who gives life and sustains all, our Lord Jesus Christ.  He is worthy of our trust and He is worthy of our praise; He alone.  With this in mind, I hope that all of us will pray for our Nation, our leaders and our future.  I hope that we will pray that God will guide our leaders according to His justice, His mercy and His will, and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ would spread across the land like wildfire, changing lives and changing the hearts of our countrymen and women.

Come to think of it, I suppose we should be praying like this no matter how we feel about politics!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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22 Responses to Shame

  1. I have no words to expound the point you made quite fully above. We need never put our hope in institutions, but in the God of Creation. Great piece today!!

  2. Meredith says:

    Well stated.

  3. novusanima says:

    So sad, but so true. Good post, my friend, going to share it on my blog.

  4. novusanima says:

    Reblogged this on Last Days Resource For The World: Midnight Comes and commented:
    This is very well said and definitely a must read. We live in precarious times, keep your eyes on The Lord, and your faith In HIM more than ever.
    Blessings and Peace In Christ,

  5. And don’t forget all the other exemptions the government gave to various unions and such. It is such a “great” plan that the unions wanted out, too, and got out.

  6. pinwika says:

    this issue absolutely galls me. they make me so MAD!!! Som Fed workers have to work without pay–exept the congress. They get their paycheck just fine….
    let’s just pray for the nation like you said and so we keep our sanity during this time.

  7. Wm Haney says:

    Reposted this on my facebook page. This has gone out of hand. Both sides need to meet halfway. Some government workers could lose their homes or not pay bills getting idiot bill collectors calling them since they are not getting paid.

  8. benziher says:

    Dear sir,
    While I understand your blog, being an India, I don’t understand this “shut down” process. How can any government be shut down? And, again I am sorry, but how can a government run without submitting a budget? That does not sound right. And how come no one has talked about this that much?

    • Don Merritt says:

      You have asked great questions! How can a government just shut down? In our case, they just sent the workers home yesterday. I’m considering going into town and shooting photos of the closed buildings in Washington… How can they not submit a budget? All I can say is that they haven’t. Why aren’t people talking about it very much? That’s easier to answer; they don’t know about it because the press does not report it. The real question is: Why wouldn’t a free press report a major story like that? It isn’t so difficult to go online and find it out because it isn’t hidden. Budgets are public record. We are operating on “Continuing Resolutions” which is also public record. In former times, this would have been called “corruption” but now is called “change”

      Things are not always what they appear to be.

      • benziher says:

        Dear sir,
        Thank you very much for your reply. To be honest, I understood your explanation, but it has left me more confusing. Few years back, the Indian government shut down for one day and the Supreme Court came so heavily on the government, that the Prime Minister had to apologize for that. So, you can understand why I am confused about this shut down. And, yes, after reading your blog, I did a search online and found that no budget has been submitted. That is not right. It just does not sound right. And, yes, it is really surprising that most of the networks have decided to skip something that important as this. Didn’t realize that this was the “change” we were asked to believe in. 🙂

  9. marcusampe says:

    Those who are opposing Obamacare are mainly people who do not like to share with others and contribute to the health of everybody. A Christian should have the love to help others. A national health insurance shall be able to take care that every citizen in the community will be able to find the minimum necessary help. Those who stay healthy and would never or nearly never need it would be lucky. Mostly every human on this earth shall need some coverage in his lifetime. Offering an affordable system to every one makes part of the Agapè love the Master Teacher Christ preached.

    • Don Merritt says:

      You may be entirely correct… but sharing love at gunpoint doesn’t seem like a method that Christ would use to me.

      • marcusampe says:

        Forcing something against the will of others and doing that at gunpoint is not what would be liked by Jesus. But do you really think the American government is willing to bring something which would be bad for the majority and of which the majority would impose?

        • Don Merritt says:

          I doubt the majority would impose something bad upon itself if they were informed about it. In this, of course, the majority does not favor the program… by a wide margin, if the polling can be believed. But let’s not forget that the post is about the shennanigans surrounding the shutdown

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