Come on people… Really?

This morning I came across an interesting post here on WordPress by a person who is making the point that the church has split.  It was his view that we have two branches now, one that is based in hyper-conservative bible-based dogma, while the other is based upon humanitarian love.  The post goes on to describe a crisis in which those who are “theologically correct” are in opposition to those who are morally right, liberal, loving and human, but technically incorrect theologically.  (My characterization, but I believe accurate and fair)

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So if a person is theologically correct, they are less moral?  An interesting view.

My purpose in writing this is not to engage in any argument, tempting though that may be.  My purpose here is to pose a question for all Christians to consider, whatever our views may be on this or that.

Is it really necessary to marginalize our brothers and sisters in Christ who have different views than our own?  Note that I said “brothers and sisters in Christ.”  When I say that, I am referring to those who also hold to the essentials of the Christina faith centering around the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I once knew a pastor who had a growing church of believers who were living changed lives, who were taking the Gospel into the community, and in short appeared to be a vigorous and healthy congregation that was doing the things that anyone would associate with a healthy church.  That pastor had very good relations with other pastors in the area and was well-respected by all, until it came to the attention of another pastor in the community that he had a different view on the book of Revelation.  He was denounced as a heretic!

Last time I checked, your view concerning this or that theory of Millennialism was not an essential of the Christian faith…

You may know of other examples like this one.  The point is why would we behave like this?

If you are a “conservative” theologically, how can you denounce those who are more “liberal;” that isn’t “conservative!”

If you find yourself more “liberal” in your views, why would you denounce those who are more “conservative?”  Aren’t you supposed to be open-minded? I suspect that we model the behavior of politicians sometimes.

Most who know me would tell you that I tend to be more of a theological conservative, but can you find me marginalizing other Christians on this blog?  I doubt it, I consciously avoid that, even though I hold strongly to my views.  I will freely admit that I have no claim on perfection.  I try my best to get it right, but I will admit that I make just as many mistakes as you do. I am also a sinner just you are.

Since the New Testament places a high priority on unity within the church, shouldn’t we?

The bottom line is this:  None of us has exclusive rights to the love of Jesus Christ.  How is it that those who are more “liberal” think they are so much more loving when they marginalize the views of those who are more “conservative?”  How is it that those who are more “conservative” should think they are more “loving” when they denounce those more “liberal?” Is any of this love?  I think not.

Here’s how I think this should work:

Q: “What if they are sinning?”

A: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Q: “What if those people are getting it wrong?”

A:” Love your neighbor as yourself”

Q: “Are you telling me to condone sin?”

A: “No, I’m telling you to love your neighbor as yourself.”

Q: “How can I be expected to do that when they are so mean-spirited?”

A: “Do unto others as you would they do unto you.”

I would imagine that you are getting my drift about now, right?

End of rant.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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8 Responses to Come on people… Really?

  1. benziher says:

    Amazing article, sir.

  2. Cathy says:

    The interesting thing is – that the more conservative I become, the more tolerable I am to people. In my religious views I believe that I to am a sinner, but I love all people as Christ would love. My personal opinion isn’t really relevant,because I am to focus on God’s commands – to love the stranger and to take the Gospel to everyone. So if I am focused on Christ, Liberal, Conservative, Gay or straight, Black, Orange or Yellow – I love all people as God would love us. Amen Brother

  3. Meredith says:

    Indeed, let go and let God do the correction. Love is the response in a Christ follower.

  4. LetmebeRae says:

    Well said. I actually tired of the bad perspective that people have of Christians. Christians need to learn how to balance it. Yes share the bible with others with what it says but you need to love the people too! Christians spend more time smacking people around with the bible than loving them. I say that if we just model our actions of how Jesus did when he walked the earth, our ministry will be better received. Jesus showed how much he cared and loved others. He didn’t come to condemn them all to hell but to save them. The only people that he truly corrected were other Christians that were too religious to love others as he should.

    Anyway, I could keep going but I’ll stop lol We should all learn to love others as Christ did. Learn to agree to disagree. Share your opinion of the bible. If it’s not received, don’t smack people around with the bible. Let it go with a smile, keep it moving, and STILL love that person as Jesus loves them!

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