A Moment to Reflect

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If you read many of the posts here, you will notice I’m an advocate of finding to time just be quiet and reflect on our relationships with God.  Many people find particular inspiration spending some time with God in nature, and I am one of them, although those opportunities are few for me.  I am also an advocate of taking time with God in the early morning, probably for reasons similar to those of being in nature; it’s quieter there!

I hope that you can take some time today to reflect upon your relationship with God; have a little chat and ask Him to show you ways to walk more closely with Him and for Him to show you how to drink more fully the water of life.  Even better, do this and also take a little time to read and reflect upon His Word, asking Him what your passage or verse has for you today. I just have an inkling that He has marvelous things to reveal to all of us.  Of course, we will need to remember to listen!

Oh come on!  Give it a try today!

Then ask yourself what God has shown or revealed to you… and what you are going to do about it!

Feel free to share.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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10 Responses to A Moment to Reflect

  1. janjoy52 says:

    When my mind and heart is in turmoil only God, my source of life and breath, His sweet, patient Spirit and the friendship of my Redeemer, who never lost sight of His mission, restores my soul. God’s Word is my sanity. God’s love is my greatest consolation and the enduring hope.

  2. novusanima says:

    Beautiful picture, brother Don, you definitely inspire me for a short nature respite before the cold hits Indiana 🙂
    Blessings and Peace, my friend,

  3. cathyjo1958 says:

    After a week of rain and thinking about walking outside – today is going to be beautiful and I plan on seeing God along my route today.

  4. SaintlySages says:

    A student usually benefits more by listening than by speaking. I think it is like that with prayer, too. God bless!

  5. beegee10 says:

    what better way for us to ABIDE . . . than spending time in His Creation

    so enjoying reading your posts 🙂
    and thanks for the stop by My Journey and the like . . .I am humbly encouraged and appreciative.

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