The Writing on the Wall

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Have you ever noticed the writing on the wall?  I don’t mean graffiti, I mean the writing on the wall of your heart, your soul, your spiritual wall.

Have you ever seen that kind of writing; the kind of writing that tells you something that you know is true, but that you really didn’t want to hear about?

The message on that “wall” might be something that is telling us we are doing something we shouldn’t do; it could be a message of warning. Even more troubling, the message might be about something that we should do, but don’t. I’ve mentioned before right here on LR that I had such a message that I tried to ignore for many years, only in that case it was a call to action to serve the Lord more fully in my life; I really didn’t want to hear that message.

Have you ever had such an experience?

In my case, the more I avoided looking at the “wall,” the more it bothered me, and the only way to avoid it was to avoid going to where the wall is located, and that takes us away from His presence, because He has done the writing by His own hand. In the life of ever follower of Jesus Christ, there is a crisis point, where we must decide to either avoid that wall altogether and turn our backs on the Lord, or to read that message and submit to His will: What will we do?

I am so often amused when people tell me that grace is so sufficient that we never need to do anything.  Of course, these good people are right in one way, for there is nothing we can do to earn God’s grace other than to respond to the gospel, yet some of us want to take the next step and say that once we do that, we never need to respond again in service.

Oh, how miserable is the person who buys into that notion!

That wall deep within is going to be calling…

Each and every person who accepts the grace that saves him or her is called to service, not to earn salvation, but in response to it.  This service is at once a duty and a result of His love, and our loving response is to say “yes, Lord, I want to serve you.” Maybe that’s why I didn’t want to look at that wall!

Today would be a great day to check out the writing on our inner walls and respond to what our Lord has written there, it could turn out to be the most important day of our lives in a very long time.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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