Snow on the Roses

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We are about to head into a crazy weekend; I can’t wait to be stuck in the traffic of shoppers who are beginning to feel frantic.  There are parties, church programs, family get-togethers and I’m not sure what all on the agenda.  All of this seems to happen when it’s the time of year that snow falls on the roses.

Don’t worry, this is not one of those posts where I try to remind you (or me) about keeping Christ in Christmas; there’s still time for that. No, this post is more about sanity than anything else…

Actually, a theme has finally come to mind for this post, a theme that I can’t possibly get “hate mail” for posting!

As we enter the “home stretch” to the holiday, let’s make certain that we don’t forget to take a minute to reflect on those who are really important in our lives, our spouse, family, friends and others who make our lives a pleasure… or at least bearable.

Have you ever had the experience of making a gift list, and then rushing around trying to get everything done, all of the gifts purchased and the mental financial calculations that go into the spending, and forgot to speak to the people on your list?  I’ve even found myself, in days long past of course, beginning to resent them because of the craziness I’m enduring on their behalf.  Well, let’s no go there this year, let’s take time to appreciate our loved ones in real terms instead of material terms.

A smile, a word of appreciation, a hug… whatever is right.  I’m thinking that this kind of appreciation is much more meaningful than going insane at the mall.

But then, I avoid shopping at all costs; maybe you shouldn’t take advice from me.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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3 Responses to Snow on the Roses

  1. Wm Haney says:

    Well said. Sometimes a little attention can go alot farther in life than a material item. I can remember past Christmas holidays that the a person or two sentiments is remembered more. I was with my mother in Chrsitmas 1999 watching a video sent by a half sister and other programming that was Chrsitmas related. At the same time hoping to get with woman I wanted to be with at that time (we never got together and this was before I met my later wife). I didn’t think of it as sentiment until you posted this blog just now. December 22, 2000 my mother just missed Christmas for a good reason, God called her home that day after an agonizing battle with cancer. The gift of a persons love and appreciation that making an effort and reaching out is more valuable than some fancy car that gets advertised.

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