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Whoops! I messed up!

I realized earlier to day that my contact email account for Life Reference had a number of messages that went to spam in error.  I’ve been trying to respond to them today, quite late in some cases, and I just … Continue reading

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It still isn’t always easy, but…

…that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth it!  Following our Lord does require some effort, however. Now before I go too far, let’s be clear that I am not talking about earning salvation here; far from it in fact. Salvation … Continue reading

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It’s not Always so Easy

It isn’t always that hard, either.  Oh, but I haven’t said what “it” is yet, have I?  Sorry. “It” is following Jesus Christ. In my last two posts, I have spoken about guilt, shame, form, tradition and following Jesus.  A … Continue reading

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