Dr. King served his Nation in an admirable way, and as is often the case many in his time didn’t see the value of his service.  He was the conscience of the Nation, speaking up for and inspiring a whole people, while making others come to realize that an ugliness was abroad in the land that they might not have had occasion to face before.  This combination, as history has shown us many times, is a powerful one indeed.great-portrait-mlk

I can’t think of a better tribute to any mere mortal.

I know that there will be lengthy recitals of Dr. King’s career and accomplishments today, and many calls for a better future… so I will avoid going in that direction.  Instead, I’d like to focus briefly on what might be considered a “side issue” that remembering Dr. King reveals if only we would look closely.

A pastor, a great speaker, and a shaker of the imagination: All of these apply to Dr. King.  Have you noticed what most of his speaking venues were?

Most of the time, Dr. King was speaking in churches.

Now we might say that this was not unusual for a pastor, but more often than not, he was not just speaking at a Sunday Service.  Dr. King spoke so often in churches because that’s where the people were!

Throughout history, great men have found the people in churches; is that still the case?

I hope that church leaders will ask themselves how they can build stronger church communities.  I hope that church leaders will work to build church communities that will result in communities that can fearlessly examine the world we live in from a Biblical viewpoint.

In short, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr taught the Bible while he spoke on the issues of the day, and he did so with courage.  He did so within the community of the church.  Do we have the communities and the courage to do the same today?

I hope so!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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5 Responses to Lagacy

  1. William Haney says:

    You definately can reach the masses. Tricky part is not everyone attends church for one reason or another. You have to go out sometimes to the world. But the church is a great home base of sorts. To be honest, some churches have a better set up to speak to a gathering than auditoriums, city halls, etc. I am getting off the subject. Locally, a local civil rights leader said just do something to help an individual. Example, if you have an elderly neighbor that may hard for him and her to get out and about, especially this time of year, to see how they are doing and say hello. Not a bad idea.

  2. inspoetry says:

    Martin Luther King is the celebrated man,
    He preached love and freedom for all,
    God is above Luther’s successes,
    As God and man work hand in hand,
    The masses will benefit and grow,
    Let God be praised and Luther be honored,
    Remember Mr. King today for his voice,
    Freedom is still near and dear for everyone.
    -Yolanda Alvarado

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