4 comments on “Peter the Prophet

  1. Very informative! I find it hard not to come across as condemning and judgemental when attempting to encourage and sustain others who are caught up in situations or habits like you discussed above. Brothers and sisters in Christ often look at it like we are passing judgement or condeming simply because we think there is an issue to begin with (#1&2). I’d love to hear what advice others could offer or anything they have to say about this. Thanks & God bless.

    • Thanks, and I must say that is a dilemma sometimes. I’ve found that it often depends on the kind of relationship I have with the person in the situation. If they’re a casual acquaintance, I try to find someone much closer to help them. If I have the position with them of trust and confidence it is much easier to talk bout things like that, but it still takes a great deal of love and gnetleness to get through

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