11 comments on “Good Friday Reflections

  1. The only thing we should be feeling remorse and sadness over is our lack of holding true to the commandments Jesus gave us and living our lives as Christ lived. We fail so often to remember and rejoice in the resurrection. Take heart and spread the Gospel to those who are hurting and have no savior in this world. Christ is who he says he is and he is the “MAN” – he is the only way to the Father and rejoice in a relationship with him.

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  3. Great post and a great point. We don’t call it “Good” Friday without reason. Because of the work Jesus did on the cross, we can stand before God knowing we are forgiven. As horrible of a day as it was, what happened that day is the best thing that ever happened to me, because now I am redeemed and set free to worship Him face to face for all eternity. Thanks for your post. Happy Easter. He is risen indeed!

  4. I am sorry to report my Good Friday was a challenge. Lack of sleep the night before and a nine hour day starting at 3 a.m. to a job short staffed and the soulless automatons of our management sending lovely memos the past few days. My reflections were subtle as I was busy afterwards giving plasma to help my family and battling a sore throat as well. Physically and emotionally it was draining for sure. BUT… the thought of Christ having the “The Ultimate Bad Day” comes to mind and while I could not drop everything and totally reflect it was a part of the back of my mind and I reflect whenever I could. I think it showed how dark and painful it would be if Christ did not go through what we did and we should be forever greatful. Humanity owes Christ for this if that makes sense. Sorry if off the subject and trying not to rant. Good Friday is more profound now than it was a couple thousand years ago showing how evil and anxieties and injustice is still out there keeping us to truly embrace the love and sacrifice God and his son has done for us. Hope all has an excellent Resurrection Sunday.

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