Featured Blog: Elaine’s Random Thoughts

I came across Elaine’s Random Thoughts  a few months back and I was hooked pretty quickly because it struck me as a blog written by a “real” person. Oh, there’s always a real person writing blogs, unless they have a machine that can do it for you, maybe I should say it struck me as a blog written by the kind of person that I know. No, I’ve never met Elaine… maybe it’s just that we have a lot folks who sound just like Elaine in my church family; yes, that’s it exactly!

The kind of people who care about others, the kind of people who will roll up their sleeves and help out, good down to earth people who aren’t out for fame and fortune, you know “real” people. Well, that’s what I get from Elaine’s writing: real. Here’s what Elaine says about it:

Nothing very interesting to say about me.  I’m a  Mom and a Grandmother and not much of a writer.  I thought it would be a fun thing to learn about blogging and a way to save some of my random thoughts.   I don’t expect many will visit and read but perhaps someone will and something I write will make them smile or be inspired about something.

The world of blogs is proving to be a wonderfully fun experience! As I said before, my writing is just a way of recording random thoughts, most, but not all, related to my walk with the Lord. As I grow closer to the Lord, the happier I become.
I have a lot of fun following the blogs of others! I have “met” some amazing people on here who are an encouragement to me. Thank you everyone! I have learned many new things but still have a LOT to learn!

See what I mean? The woman next door, the woman in the neighborhood who says “hi” when you walk by…

If you like to read down-to-earth and real, with a strong Christian flavor and just the right touch of humor, you have to check this one out!

Oh, one more thing: Elaine, I think you’re a pretty good writer too.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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13 Responses to Featured Blog: Elaine’s Random Thoughts

  1. Patricia Ann says:

    I’m with you, Don, Elaine is my kind of person. 🙂

  2. janjoy52 says:

    I see what you mean.-]

  3. Elaine says:

    Wow!!!!! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments! I am flabbergasted by this honor, Don. I am speechless!

  4. vw1212 says:

    I tend to agree with you; Elaine is sheer delightful individual. Thanks for sharing her warmth. vw

  5. mzpresser says:

    Thanks for sharing. I actually was led to a great post that Elaine reblogged that was such a timely word for me! See God works even out here in internet land. He is so awesome.

  6. You’re so right, Don. It’s always a pleasure to read Elaine’s “real,” authentic, unvarnished thoughts. They usually write indelibly straight on my heart.

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