12 comments on “Incident in Bethany

  1. Don – five words pinged out today as I read your words and the verses:

    “She did what she could.”

    And that batman bit has finally kapowed as you suggested it might – and in the oddest of ways. Those words played back to Jesus – the “more important than all burnt offerings and sacrifices” phrase used by Jesus and then echoed back by a “Pharisee” no less.

    All of them – the widow’s mite, the extravagant oil, the words played back – all of them simply being to Jesus “they did what they could”. Seemples!

    Yet all of them subject to scrutiny and judgment by “us”. Yet none scrutinised or judged by our Lord. Simply accepted with a humility and love and simplicity.

    They did what they could.

    It is permeating all those little escarpments on the way to the heart of something really important here. KAPOW!

    Thank you for the batman moment!!

  2. Those words “She did what she could” jumped out at me too. How many do all they could do? I am positive there is much more I could do, perhaps not monetarily, but certainly in other ways. The stories like this and the lady with the two coins are always very convicting!

  3. Nice reflection. I thought Jesus shows us also of the need for each of us to prepare for death in a special way; and how the devotion of others helps us to meet our own challenges.

  4. You were correct to mention people raising others’ taxes to help the poor. When we push OUR Christian duty to do good works off to the government, we sacrifice our own spiritual health. See my 5/15/14 post, “Good Works: Good Soul Maintenance.” As always, thank you for your articles. They are becoming part of my daily bible study.

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