10 comments on “Roman “Justice” on Display

  1. Don you have an exquisite love that outflows in every piece. An affection, a realness, a connection. Reading your words today and yesterday – it’s like you can’t help yourself. It is truly beautiful.

  2. The Roman soldiers saw Jesus as just another condemned man just like all the others they had crucified prior to Jesus. Today, sadly, many people still see Jesus that way…just a man. This makes it easy to mock Him. Excellent post.

  3. I glanced at your title and misread it; however it would be just as suitable to title this “Human Justice on Display.” We mortals rave over stars and athletes that represent what we’d like to be, but Jesus, who represented the truth, we rejected — and still reject, as you say, every day in many ways.

    I can’t help but feel the Roman soldiers saw Truth in Jesus’ eyes just as Pilate did. I don’t think they went to this length to mock Him just because He was a Jew but because, in His presence, they felt their own guilt.

    We are always a lot meaner to the people around us who remind us of our own guilt. A parent who feels like a failure; the child who’s most like him is the one he bashes the worst. When we see our own faults mirrored in theirs, we try much harder to put them down.

    So is our justice; we excuse ourselves for sins but hold our neighbor so much more guilty. I hear this a lot of times as non-religious family members make fun of “self-righteous religious hypocrites” for doing the same things they do. In effect they’re saying “I know this is wrong and I know you shouldn’t be doing this; because I do it openly I’m so much purer.”

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