Photo of the Week: January 14, 2015


This photo is less about its value from an “artistic” or technical point of view, than its location; OK, it isn’t the greatest picture out there! It isn’t what you might think, however.When you look at it, you probably see a photo that was taken on the beach, right?

Well, you would be mistaken.

Actually, this is roughly a hundred yards from shore standing on a sandbar; there are actually boats sailing behind this vantage point between this location and the beach. In between the beach and the sandbar is a very strong cross current that is caused by a river flowing into the sea behind and to the left, which I had no idea was there, as it is hidden in dense forest as it meets the sea, and I would guess it is also the cause of the sandbar itself. I will tell you that the cross current of that river came as quite a surprise to this unsuspecting swimmer who was trying to keep camera dry while heading out to this location

Oh, yes, I did snap a shot or two looking back to the beach with boats in between, but my editor has banned them from this site, owing to the, uh, disarray of some of the beachgoers…

I must add that this is a scene I am enjoying reflecting upon, as the snow falls just outside my window…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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6 Responses to Photo of the Week: January 14, 2015

  1. pipermac5 says:

    “Disarray” of some of the beach-goers? Is someone ashamed of the unadorned bodies of the crown of God’s creation? Oh, I understand. You are a pastor, and you aren’t “supposed” to enjoy and photograph that kind of “scenery”.


    • Don Merritt says:

      Oh that’s too funny Steve, thank you! Actually it’s a picture of a catamaran about 20 yards behind this spot. With my wonderful eyesight, I didn’t know what else was in the background until I uploaded the shot and saw it. To be fair, I made a great effort on this particular trip to take pictures that I could us on my blogs without inciting a pointless ruckus. 🙂

      Oh, by the way, no I’m not a pastorsince I always told that I’m “Over qualified”. I think that really just means ancient!

  2. pipermac5 says:

    I debated whether to include pictures in my blog, but I decided against it, because there is already an abundance of “nudist/naturist” blogs with pictures. There also isn’t any consensus in that nudist/naturist community about where to draw the line between “nudist/naturist” and “porn”. I didn’t want to “dilute” or even “corrupt” the message with pictures which some audiences might be offended by. Since I now have a global audience, I know that my original decision was the right call, and there is nothing there to hinder the Gospel from being seen and read even in places where it isn’t otherwise welcome. That is more important to me than filling my pages with pictures.

    God bless!


    • Don Merritt says:

      I’ve noticed that about your blog. As a matter of practice, I generally try to avoid both topics and images that might take the focus away from Jesus Christ and put it elsewhere, even though there may be nothing wrong with “elsewhere.” Here’s an example: How often I have wanted to blog about sports… but I never have, it just isn’t what my blog is about. Anyway, blessings to you, Steve!

  3. pipermac5 says:

    I believe that the “gospel” is more than just “Jesus came to save sinners”. The “gospel” certainly does include that, but the “gospel” means the WHOLE counsel of God. Jesus Christ came to do more than merely liberate us from the penalty of our sin and make our souls heaven-bound. He also came to redeem us from Satan’s lies, all of them, including those that many churches believe and teach, so true freedom in Christ includes liberating our minds as well.

    Many Evangelicals probably think that my blog goes way overboard on some topics, such as our bodies, our sexuality, and the holiness of marital sex, but as long as people are still believing the Gnostic/Satanic lie that only our souls matter, and that our bodies aren’t worth anything, they will continue to be enslaved to lies, not free in Christ. Many Christians will also continue to be enslaved to porn, because they don’t understand the Biblical view our bodies, and see others only as objects of sexual-desire. Lust is not a “body-problem”, or even an “eye-problem”. Lust is a HEART-PROBLEM.

    Even if only one person comes to know the truth, and is liberated from the bondage to porn or Satan-enabled sexual-dysfunction, I will have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. Even if only one person comes to true faith in Jesus Christ, I will have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, and all of my efforts will have been worth it all.

    I am NOT the “model-Christian”…far from it. I have spent way too much time in the pit of Satan-fueled perverted sexuality. It is an ugly place, and escaping it isn’t easy. I still struggle with it…every day, seven days a week. I want other believers to enjoy the blessings of Godly-sexuality, not the curses and horrors of Satan-fueled sexuality. That is my burden, and a big driver behind why I write what I write.

    God bless!


    • Don Merritt says:

      I can understand that. Each of us has a testimony and I believe, a calling. When we each follow that calling, as a Body we cover the whole pantheon of human experience for Christ, for as they say, church is a team sport.

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