Why are these men smiling?

Today’s post is just for fun… So, why are these guys all smiling?

I have a theory!

It is said that Mr. Nixon was a legendary poker player.  When he came home from World War II, he financed a car, a house and his first Congressional campaign with his poker winnings from his days in the Navy.  Later, when Mr. Eisenhower was president and Mr. Nixon was vice president, Mr. Eisenhower held a weekly poker game in the White House.

On one occasion, Mr. Nixon was invited to play with Ike and the boys…  After the Vice President cleaned them all out, he was not invited to play again.

Notice that Mr. Nixon is playing cards and Ike isn’t?

OK, we know why those two are smiling!  Obviously the other guys don’t know the story…

Or… I guess they could all be enjoying Mr. Lincoln’s jokes.

Please feel free to leave your guesses!

(Mote on the image:  This is my photo of my copy of “Grand Ol’ Gang” by Andy Thomas.)

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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21 Responses to Why are these men smiling?

  1. Wm Haney says:

    Old school republicans who became presidents.

  2. andreart2013 says:

    With two notable exceptions (Lincoln and Roosevelt), they are all recent Republican presidents–in fact, they are all the recent Republican presidents. Assuming the punchline isn’t political (in which case it might be all sorts of mean stuff), it could well be that someone just admitted to bluffing. or, better, Roosevelt said, “I never bluff.”

    Or, because it’s hard to play single-deck, five-card stud with that many people (If discards are allowed); if you use two decks, you get all sorts of wild hands, like five-of-a-kind. Perhaps some one just won with such an impossible (with one deck) hand. And the loser said, “I didn’t see that coming.” To which, Ike reading his posture, said, “That’s not all you didn’t see.”

  3. andreart2013 says:

    Since most of them are looking at Lincoln, he probably just told a joke. He was famous for his stories.

  4. gtemedtk1 says:

    It could be that they are laughing about our current President’s shenanigans.

  5. mike and brandy says:

    why have you focused on only republican polititians?

  6. Meredith says:

    A bit of whimsy and a good laugh at constituents expense.
    The father and son are still living.
    Maybe they regail them with the news of Jeb running.
    Or, perchance the old saw – politics makes strange bedfellows.

    Feeling a bit cynical.

  7. janjoy52 says:

    My husband worked in management for a highly results oriented manufacturing company. Their production meetings are attended by all department heads and, because they could expect humiliation and a tongue lashing, the mood is always glum and quiet with dreaded anticipation. At one historic meeting the game changer was a very loud fart followed by a quick “Sorry” from the boss and a resumption of business as usual. My husband almost exploded withholding his guffaw while maintaining a straight face.

    • Don Merritt says:

      I hadn’t considered that possibility; yes, maybe that’s what happened. You know, Mr. Lincoln told a story something like that when he was explaining one day to Secretary of War Stanton what he was looking for in a general. He was looking for a “man of audacity” and then illustrated with a story about a guy who was hosting a banquet. He stood in front of his guests, and with knife and fork in hand was about to carve the turkey when he had a similar experience as the boss in your story. Mr. Lincoln’s man of audacity then set both knife and fork down, then picked them up again and said to his guests, “now let’s see if I can carve a turkey without farting.”

      True story, at least that Lincoln told it.

  8. I think they’re laughing because Ford (That is Ford to Lincoln’s right, yes?) is taking an obvious peek at Lincoln’s cards while Lincoln tells one of his jokes to the old boys! 😀

  9. Maybe they’re all just chillin in the mancave enjoying their happy juice and card game for the day!

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