Valentine’s Day… again!

Christmas has its Scrooge…

Valentine’s Day has me!

Yes, I admit it, I’m not a fan…  It isn’t that I have a problem with the idea of a special day to tell your spouse or sweetheart that you care and are thinking of them; that’s fine.  Maybe it’s the hoopla and the social pressure of the thing.

Let’s think about it:  Valentine’s Day is when the pressure is on to come up with a bouquet of flowers for your “honey”… and when the florists double or triple the price of flowers.  It’s the day you need a wonderful card… and they jack up the prices of cards.  It’s the day the nice restaurants are booked solid… and they have wonderful specials with very small portions and no apparent discount.  Valentines’s Day is the day you might want to come up with some nice jewelry… at the highest price of the year… or else!

In short, Valentine’s Day is a time when culture creates big expectations that are hard to match… and which can never be met year after year.

Maybe a better solution than allowing ourselves to get all caught up in the Valentine’s Day hoopla is to bring Christ into our closest relationships.  Maybe it’s better to always put the other person first, and to show our love every day in the way we conduct ourselves.  This would include going out of our way to serve the other person and to be considerate; never holding back our love to get something, and by never having the expectation that the other person must do x, y or z to be accepted.  Maybe that would be better than what our culture pressures us to do on February 14th each year…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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12 Responses to Valentine’s Day… again!

  1. For the love of money…I mean for the love of your spouse let them know how much you care! Talk about a commercial blooper.

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  5. Bette Cox says:

    Sort of like the special sales on dresses the week before Christmas, when you accidentally discover the same dresses had been priced lower a couple of weeks earlier…

  6. If you are capable of expressing love everyday turn Valentine’ s Day.

  7. *turn/then Valentine’s Day is no big deal.

  8. I agree with you, however,I think it’s our perspective of Valentine’s Day. I think we can celebrate our loved ones without getting into the hype of spending all of our money. If it is a true expression of love that we seek than a letter or poem will be suffice. We could spend an entire day with the person we love. We have to admit that although most of us try, our day to day can sometimes cloud our vision, and we sometimes forget to show love to our loved ones. If we could just remember 2 things; that a valentines can be a parent, a child, a best friend; and also, True love is free and can’t be bought! Everyone has a valentine! Sometimes we can’t see the love because its not packaged in a form that we desire!!… Blessings!

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