7 comments on “Where the guns fell silent

  1. Very cool Don. Lincoln was a pretty smart fellow and his treatment of the Southern Armies was just another example of his good thinking. Things might have been different, and The Union not restored if he had exacted some punitive actions against them.

    Love the non Christian stuff you post. Love the other of course too. Just sayin.

  2. Thanks for the pictures and the story. I live near Manassas, but my wife and I don’t travel much these days. So I have never gotten to Appomattox Courthouse. Lovely place to end a war.

    It is an odd thought for these politically correct times, but even though Southerners believed in slavery, they were honorable people. They could be counted upon to keep their word. It is an odd thought for our politically correct times, but even Lincoln, although he condemned slavery, did not seem convinced that blacks were the equals of whites. He just thought slavery wrong.

    Why such seemingly convoluted thinking? Well, such thinking does not seem to have gone away. We have not changed much. In fact, we have quite a few people who still engage in the soft bigotry of low expectations.

    Because they came as slaves imported from the savage and backward dark continent, both Southerners and Northerners rarely saw blacks as equals, and they had trouble imagining as such. Because so many blacks come from impoverished and poorly managed ghettos, lots of people still have trouble imagining blacks as equals of the people of their race. I suppose maintaining such blindness is easier that trying to fix a serious problem. Our government is good at suppressing whatever potential people might have, but it has an awful problem helping anyone realize their potential.

    If we want our fellow citizens to realize their potential, we have to make our government leave them alone. We have to help each other ourselves.

    • I think you’re right. What is really sad is that our difficulties run much deeper than a government program can fix, for we need to be able to have an honest conversation about these issues, and the politics of the situation make honest discussions impossible, more so now than ever before.

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