4 comments on “The Centurion

  1. One thing many people miss when commenting on this is what the Centurion’s response meant, Illnesses were believed to be cause by demons entering the body, the demon could only be cast out by someone with greater authority. Here the Centurion was acknowledging that Jesus had the power to cast out a demon, even without being present. Look at all of the Jews that Jesus healed, they asked him to come to them to do the healing…Jairus, the woman with a discharge, even the sisters of Lazarus. Of all the people asking Jesus for help, only the Centurion knew that Jesus could do this without being present. That’s powerful.

  2. “the Kingdom is a place of healing for Jew and Gentile alike, should they choose to place their faith in Jesus, and by doing so, place their faith in God who sent Him.”

    Just a simple, Amen, Don.

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