3 comments on “New Wine

  1. Love this post, Don. You’ve heard me pose the question before, privately, of… “How would it change our experience of church… if that were a constant celebration of our wedding as Bride to the Bridegroom (Christ).”

    I was once present in a church where for six consecutive weeks, more than 30 minutes of the service harped on… how terrible the world is, how terrible sin is, how sinful the people are, how sinful the congregants were (are), and how everybody needed to grieve their sins in guilt and remorse lest the Lord return, catch them out, and send them all to hell.

    Nothing grieves my heart so much as such experiences, and the wounded leaders that create them.

    Let us joyfully celebrate the grace and forgiveness of Jesus’ coming, sealing those who trust Him in and with His Holy Spirit! All hail the Joy Who Gives Life Through Love! — LM

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