12 comments on “The Problem with Thanksgiving Dinners

  1. Hey, listen Don… Just in case you get “banned” from Thanksgiving henceforth… like if the relevant “family orthodoxy judges” rule that you are just too wild and heretical to be allowed near future holiday dinners…

    Please feel free to bring yourself and any other willing pilgrim family members to MY house next year, or any year, that you’d like to “adventure on” with freedom!

    We’ll provide you with fully stocked kitchen, and willing gophers to take care of any grocery-runs you need!

    Hoping to hear of your arrival here soon, I am

    Hungrily yours,

    The Little Monk

    • LOL!

      Thank you LM, I appreciate your offer. Next year, I’m booked; we’re going back to Jamaica and staying over the holiday there, so we’ll be having the “traditional” (whatever that really is) dinner in the warm sun, instead of the icy cold. Of course, I’m incorrigible on all holidays, so maybe we can work something out, like a field trip or something 🙂

  2. If someone else in my family agreed (or wanted) to make our Thanksgiving day meal, I would do cheers, profusely thank them, maybe even throw in some Asian ‘bows’ of my head, over and over. Alas, I do not understand the picky-ness of some!!!

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