17 comments on “Notes From Monday

  1. I hurt just reading about your mishap! People don’t realize that the kitchen can be as dangerous as a garage workshop! (Add in pressure cookers, hot oil, etc.)

    There is nothing like homemade bread baking in the oven. My mom would make homemade bread while I was growing up. When I visited as an adult, she asked me what I wanted to eat: bread of course. Years later, she admitted that she would buy the frozen bread dough (when I was an adult) and bake that up. Homemade bread (outside of a bread machine) is a dying art!

  2. I read this post with an ever dropping jaw! Used to a gentle meander through some verses, an insight here, and insight there … And then this gorgeous “cuppa on a kitchen stool” as you take us (in great detail!) through the highs and lows of getting things just so! Love this post – it is like seeing you in your underwear! 🙂

  3. Don, two suggestions, if I may.

    First, if you’ve never tried it, I strongly suggest using cake yeast instead of the dry stuff. It’s far more predictable in its rising and development of flavor. Yes, it’s more expensive, and doesn’t last nearly as long, but the end results are worth the extra expense.

    Second, to try to get you back into using the mandoline, something I picked up from a pro cook in the company cafeteria where I am currently consulting…gloves. There are liner gloves that are used for winter outdoor sports, they’re very thin, and fit like, well, a glove. The material will protect your fingers from the sharp blade.

    • My son the chef told me that only an idiot uses a mandoline without those gloves. I’ll check into the cake yeast, but if I have dough all over the inside of the oven, I’ll question the predictable part! 🙂

  4. I have to say that I am impressed Don. I love to bake and cook ( sometimes- will more when girlies move on) – but you may very well be on my hero list – 😉 Keep your fingers – my son will not sharpen my knives anymore (and they need it bad) because I always cut myself when he does. My thoughts are – don’t make them THAT sharp.
    Happy Thanksgiving. You may be getting another storm………

  5. Oh your poor fingers!! Ouch! Your bread looks beautiful by the way. I can appreciate a good homemade loaf of bread. Rye is one of my favorites and it sounds like it would be delicious in stuffing! I’ll have to give it a try.

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