6 comments on “Reflections from Tuesday

  1. Don – metaphors?

    Right now, reading the amount of energy going into “form”: everything just perfect, as it should be, where it should be, how it should be, how it has always been … I am SO glad that I am un-Thanksgiving-ly-English … all that plethora of detail? No thanks! And Christmas is coming? You guys are going to do it “all again” in a month? Maaaan!

    Might that be part of the same “metaphor”? 🙂

    • OK Paul, safely un-Thanksgivingly English… You might be surprised to know that over here, you guys are famous for keeping form in just about everything… except maybe rock and roll, but I’m guessing there’s quite a lot of planning to the craziness of that too.

      Ypu are right; Christmas is coming, but for Christmas, tradition doesn’t quite play as abig a role, at least not in “dinners”. Of course, if it’s up to me, I’d toss the lot of the tradition and just have some fun.

  2. Great thoughts. Never stop your mind from exploring. This is how He can speak to us. Praying and letting our inner Spirit speak to our hear and allow it to guide our mind, brings wisdom. Even when cleaning the house.

    Great post! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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