23 comments on “Dealing with New Realities

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  2. I am so glad to hear he finally did number 2. I was worried about that. It can only get better. Today was not a good day to base having a new dog with all the commotion outside. He is a great puppy and I already love him.

  3. I can understand the consternation. We had some acquaintances years ago. They called their dog “LD”. It stood for “Last Dog”. I miss my old dog – may she rest in peace, but although it’s been 6 years, I cannot bring myself to adopt another one. Perhaps all phases come to an end. Sometimes I wonder if the fascination with dogs these days has to do with the outer expression of being able to manage one’s “inner beast”. Food for thought… Thanks for the inspiration – it may make a good post one of these days.

  4. Nice. Imagine 3 of them. My mom had 2 Maltese and I had one. When my mom went home to be with the Lord, I ended up with 3 Maltese. I haven’t the heart to get rid of them.

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