4 comments on “Are You Sure You Want to do This?

  1. Very true!
    The best preparation I believe is to put His promises to the test now – they work as well today as they did for the disciples. In my crazy youth when I first became a believer I tried just that (going out with nothing just telling people about Jesus) and I never lacked – it still works.) Not that everyone needs to do that but if we build up our faith muscles now in some way they will be strong when needed.

  2. One of my Muslim converts to Christianity in the Middle East wrote me just yesterday asking for wisdom. He is very afraid for the safety of his children who must listen to the Qur’an being taught in their school system when it has so much violence in it. How does he teach his little children to follow Jesus, the Prince of Peace, instead? How does he teach them to keep it a secret because they will be kidnapped and enslaved if the Muslims find out the children bellieve Jesus is the Son of God? Pray? He already does that. What else can he do as their father?

    • That’s a really tough one; here we sit in safety thinking we have all of the answers!

      Pray? Of course, and he’s doing that. Believe God? Yes, without question! To believe God’s promises, and in His sovereignty with the assurance that whatever men may do to oppose the Gospel, that our testimony counts for something, that God has a plan and even when it doesn’t quite go our way, that He is working out His perfect will: Faith! Have faith, build faith, rely on faith and keep the faith. There are times when that is all we have, and in those times, God sustains us, even though it may hurt.

      I hope that all who read of this will add their voices in prayer for all of our brothers and sisters who are oppressed, secure in the knowledge that God is ultimately in control of events.

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