6 comments on “The Season’s Upon Us

  1. Wonderfully done Don. Among those idiots that makes it difficult because of their ignorance or just “gets in the way” of you trying to enjoy the moments. Trying to avoid a rant.

  2. Then there are the people who have no one to buy for. Well, they could buy for strangers. But in our culture, Christmas is family time. What happens when there is no more family? Oh, someone says, the church is your family, your neighborhood is your family, the people you work with is your family. But that’s different. What about people with no more blood family left? What then?

    They will get through it. Somehow they will. They will survive “the day” in their own way. Perhaps by going to a mall a watching other people with families. Perhaps by leaving the radio and TV off on “the day”. Perhaps by sitting quietly and looking through old family photos on “the day”. Perhaps reading the Bible alone and in the quiet of their loneliness, thanking God for sending Jesus on “the day”.

    • There is no doubt that the holiday season is sad and lonely affair for many, all the more so because of the expectations and pressures of our culture’s way of celebrating. A few years back, I spent some of the “big” holidays alone and in silence, and I enjoyed it very much, but then most people think I’m a bit odd 🙂

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