6 comments on “Lord of the Sabbath

  1. I’ll try.

    They were anxious to kill Jesus because:

    He outsmarted them.

    He redefined things a bit.

    The man didn’t have to go through them for healing.

    They had no basis for condemning Him via the law.

    Jesus told them exactly what He was going to do for the man when He spoke to them in 12:11-12. Then He did it right before their eyes. However, he freed the event from the grips of the law when he redefined it as “doing good” or “doing well” rather than healing.

    Furthermore, they could not indict Jesus for committing a crime because the man was healed by faith. The law had nothing to do with it.

    I believe that Jesus healed the man when He asked Him to stretch out his shriveled hand in faith. The man was not fine to begin with, but his healing came by faith. It was an unprovable occurrence, which the Pharisees were unable to process in their legalistic minds.

    I imagine that they wanted to kill Jesus mostly because they saw Him as a threat to them and their profitable legalistic system. Just my random thoughts.

  2. On the surface, He outsmarted them but underneath all of it, Jesus threatened their power. I suppose the public insult could have raised their anxiety up a few notches, making them feel that killing Him was the only way to protect the status they loved. A lot of that though is me filling in the blanks with what I know about human nature. I’m not sure that’s the answer you were looking for.

  3. Back to the man’s hand being healed. Years ago this was the verse that made me real Jesus didn’t go around saying dramatically, “Be healllllled” like some modern “faith healer’ do. He just did it, sometimes while conversing with them. In this case, less was more.

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