Worship from the East: Secret Santa Worship Day

Here is another of the Worship Posts from Church Set Free. Please give it a read, and be to sure post any “likes” or comments on the original post. Enjoy!

Church Set Free

ProstrationIn seminary one of our tasks was to do a word study, this was done not so much to teach us how to look for words in Scripture, there are plenty of concordances available, but to get us to  explore the various words in Hebrew and Greek, and to compare them to the word the English translator chose as most appropriate. One of these words was worship,  שחח (shachah) in Hebrew, προσκυνήσαντες (proskunhsantev) in Greek. In each case the word signifies a deep bow to the ground I found it odd that in every English translation, whether from the Hebrew or Greek, the translation was to “worship” even though the more accurate translation is “prostration”.

A further study reveals that God never commands us to worship Him. Yes, there are plenty of occurrences of worship in Scripture, but if you examine the texts around them it is always from God’s…

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