12 comments on “More Fun with Pharisees

  1. It’s interesting that you compare them to politicians, more often than not I see them in many of the “relevant” Christian trends and pastors. It was those who thought they had their religious crap together that Jesus would rebuke. Seems appropriate either way.

    • Yep, we have a bunch of modern day Pharisees all right. Funny thing is that when I see them, I feel like I’m watching a politician who never stops running for office 🙂

  2. Good post thanks! I’m very happy I read it as it answered a long term question of mine. What sin is unforgivable? I’ve heard many explanations but yours makes sense. “They have just been informed of having attributed to work of the Holy Spirit of God to the Devil, a sin for which there is no forgiveness” interesting!

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  4. There is a saying “you can’t change stupid.” Those Pharisees are just like you said. They thought of themselves as politically savvy when in reality when faced with the truth they knew that they were being stupid but could not lower their pride to say all right you win. How did Jesus even continue to talk to them and not laugh? Everytime I read them I just laugh right out loud at their stupidity but also the pity I feel for each one. Eternity will certainly not be fun for the likes of Caiaphas.

  5. Hey Don,

    I greatly enjoyed your post. I have to say, I side with Carolyn on the fact that when I look at the Pharisees, I see them more as the “relevant” pastors and church leaders who try to make the message as attractive as possible, all the while pushing Jesus out of it. They have Jesus right there in front of them, but they ignore Him. There is the Messiah calling the whole time, and they completely miss Him, their lives never truly being changed, nor are the lives of those who follow them changed.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, man. I look forward to everything you have to say.

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