12 comments on “Jesus Explains the Parable of the Weeds

  1. Great article. I am a primary school scripture teacher and taught the lesson of the sower and the weeds last term. You have a lot of great insights. I agree with you completely. I don’t know a lot about Revelation (I am trying to learn and understand more), but we definitely do face a lot of ‘choking’ by Satan.
    I have written a few blog posts about how I explain these things to my students: excerptsfrommycranium.wordpress.com
    Again, great post.

  2. One of the things I love about Advent is the focus on the “dual time” of apocalyptic readings. The idea that the Kingdom is ever unfolding and not just some future event we helplessly wait for really enriches my relationship with scripture.

  3. Hey Don. I agree that there are weeds in the midst of the Kingdom of God/His Church. I would have to say that we are called to persevere in the midst of all of those who are attempting to choke us out.

    The trick is being able to discern between those who are the weeds and those who are true plants and there is just that tension between the flesh and the spirit.

  4. Thanks, Don. This illustrates so well why we need discerning of spirits, the gift of the Holy Spirit; more than ordinary discernment / good judgment is needed in these times.

  5. In all of Christ’s warnings to the seven churches none of them say “leave” but instead, hold on, remain faithful. persevere. I run into so many online cults, overly emphasizing eschatology, and calling people to come out of the corrupt church. What you are teaching here is protection against such fallacy.

  6. Thank you for pointing out that the kingdom has already come and it is the church. We do not have to wait to the end to receive the kingdom. In fact, Revelation says we are serving as kings and priests (right now). Amen!

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