15 comments on ““Sorry, we don’t have any vacancies”

  1. Don this was very timely for me thank you. You know I was pretty much a product of the inner city and I have been feeling it call to me as the spread of the gospel there has largely been abandoned as established churches have fled to the suburbs. This resonated with me thanks

  2. great point, it like we want the huge splash in the ocean, we just need to love and share, it will come to us. A lot of times if we do it like this people end up coming to us with questions.

    thanks Don

  3. “We might just be the one who plants a seed that results in a glorious harvest that someone else brings in later that we never even find out about.”

    One word went through my mind reading this: “Grace” – that if we need to sow and then reap the seeds we have sown, isn’t that like only forgiving those who forgive us? Smiling at those who smile at us? Counting. Keeping track. Measuring. Struck me this is more than a team-game, more than “the body”. Sowing seeds just “is” – just as grace just “is”. Never seen it that way before in that imagery.

    Thank you!

  4. I love this perspective. Even though I try to share the Lord with anyone I have the opportunity to, I feel that my calling is within the church, to help make disciples of those who either know religion but don’t really know Jesus, or those who want to know Jesus more. I love the way God tunes each of our hearts to a different pitch, yet we all play the same song.

  5. Yesterday, a woman from across the street came over and invited us to a nondenominational bible study. I didn’t want to open the screen but my husband reached passed me and took the flyer. I guess, I should have been more welcoming. It is just that I heard from other neighbors that this woman once she gets into your life you can’t get her out. Why am I feeling like Jonah? He does work in mysterious ways.

  6. This is a great article. Very true. It’s a hard thing to know how to balance being hospitable and being vulnerable. Kudos on you still trying to figure it out, and knowing that, with good intentions, God will take care of you! =)

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