8 comments on “A Child’s Bread… and the Dog

  1. Our Jesus was sometimes quite direct in His dealings wasn’t he?

    Great lesson there Don. You know, a while back I had a contentious non believer use that very passage to illustrate what he said was the prejudice and bigotry of Christians, then proceeded to argue that Jesus Himself taught us to behave that way. As in…..”See! Jesus called people who weren’t Jewish like Him dogs!”

    The fact is, the above is not a lesson on exclusion, but inclusion…if we only have faith.

    Good start to my morning, thanks!

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  3. Don, I really like these seven little verses; and Wally is right, many use them to validate bigotry and exclusion when the lesson of Jesus was just the opposite. He was being a mirror for the disciples. He does this often for us, if we would only realize it. Glad you brought it to our attention in such a direct way.

  4. Brother Don; what an awesome statement on trust AND faith, “for without faith it is impossible to please God!” This woman’s trust in Jesus’ ability to accomplish something led to her ability to please our Heavenly Father. Child-like trust! Awesome indeed! Brother Don, I pray and hope that this season brings you and yours all the Joy and Peace and warmth from our Heavenly Father! God bless you richly!!

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