10 comments on “Looking Forward

  1. Happy New Year, Don. We are at the other end of the temperature gauge here and it’s sunny days, blue skies and hoping for no heat waves or bush fires. I know the sorter hours of daylight affects alot of people and winter can be a particularly hard time. I have always liked the Footsteps poem where Jesus is carrying us through our toughest times yet we don’t always realise he’s doing that.
    Now that I’m a parent, I see this in my own kids. My husband and I bend over backwards for the kids and they just can’t see it. They’re ungrateful and don’t keep up their end, which is pretty much like how so many of us treat God.
    Hmm…need to boot myself up the backside there…ungrateful sod!
    Best wishes & God Bless,

  2. This is a great way of having us think of others, remembering that we are not the only ones on the world. So many more worse off and struggling. . . Happy 2016 to you. Smiles, Robin

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