13 comments on “A Little bit of Light

  1. It is impossible to please God without faith. I have became vastly aware in my life that at each point I fail to trust God completely it will lead to sin. It is important to tell him all our desires, hopes, and dreams and hold nothing back. He will help us in our struggles if we will wait on Him. To simply do what is good is not enough. We must do it in faith.

  2. David said, “when will you come to me.” we think that way a lot of the time, but God is always there waiting for His perfect time to unleash a/the blessing/s. and we reflect upon that bless with awe.

    God is so good to us.

    Today the pastor had an amazing line, “the holier we get the less we think of ourselves, the farther we are from God the higher we think of our walk.”

    Walking blamelessly with a humble heart, a life I strongly desire!!!

  3. I totally agree with your point that, “we also must respond in the way we live our lives.” I’m reminded of what Paul wrote about confessing Jesus as Lord-not just as an idea but as an identity! Thanks for sharing your devotionals!

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