15 comments on “Wandering Sheep

  1. There’s something about treating others as more important than ourselves that’s a real sticking point. What you’ve said is a great reminder of how we need to see each other. How we need to consider each other. When did it become so hard to be a cheerleader for His church?

    • That’s a great question! I think that we all need to carefully consider these things, not just once, but on a continual basis simply because they are counter-initive, and it’s easy to slip off the path.

  2. Nice post – Jesus use of the metaphorical shepherd and the role of the Angels in behalf of his servants sits well for each of us because it attests to the concern the Father has for the individual, remember his earlier words that “not one hair” would go unnoticed. SO if we are responsible for the pain another experiences due to our lack of care drastic action is required. Here Jesus uses the hyperbole of the Valley of Hinnom or Gehenna to emphasize our need to act because the consequences will be terminal. The next section about the gift at the altar is explaining the lengths we need to go to.
    The fundamental point has to be that if we know another is a follower of Christ and no matter how imperfect they are do we accept they can stray or be hurt and we just have to look away? If we do we need to ask if we are really Christlike.
    Enjoyed the read and checking the point on Jewish tradition about Angels which goes beyond what is written in the scripture, but we know from Job chapter 1 and 2 that they are extremely interested in our wellbeing. – even Satan is

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  5. Don, I think it’s important to consider who are “God’s little ones?” Just as was asked of Jesus, “Who are our neighbors?, they are not simply our Christian brothers and sisters. Jesus’ response to the “neighbor” questions was his parable on The Good Samaritan. We have to remember we must treat at sacred ALL of God’s children. He didn’t just create Christians. We must create everyone with dignity, compassion, love and grace.

    • Susan, I quite agree with your larger point that we must treat all people with respect and so forth… however, in this particular passage, Jesus is speaking of our brothers and sisters in the faith (contextually speaking).

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