10 comments on ““For where two or three gather in my name…”

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  2. ” … Jesus is promising to do His part.” Fits with John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; …” and others.

  3. Don, I am really enjoying this trip through this chapter.. I am spending some time in it myself for the next few days. It started with Peter’s conversation about how many times he should forgive his brother, and just sort of kept going. For some reason, when I read that chapter, I see much of the text before it and after it somehow being tied to the conversation. I may be totally off base LOL, but it’s been interesting to study.

    • I don’t think you are off base at all, Wally, because that is the context in which the text falls. There is a shift in 19:1-2, and 19 and 20 comprise a transition to the conflict in Jerusalem, but 16:21-20:34 is a section of the book with a common theme running throughout, thus, what you are saying is right on the mark.

      • Thanks for that input Don! Sometimes when you are on the learn it as you write about it program, it is easy to doubt what you think you have learned!

  4. I never put this verse with the pervious verse before, again the Bible, Jesus and growing in knowledge doesn’t stop and the more we are open to others input we can grow. It amazing year after year new things you can learn. It’s why THIS FAITH we have is in the One True God is real because He is living and we are learning daily.

    thanks as always Don!

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