9 comments on “The Pharisees ask Jesus for Marital Advice

  1. Very interesting article and one a lot of people won’t want to touch with a ten foot pole. lol.
    One thing that I thought about when reading this that I haven’t thought about before, is another way Jesus could have been also commenting on our relationship with him. Jesus married and the church and we are kind of married to it when we give Jesus our lives. From the beginning of creation, we were supposed to be with Him, like a man and woman were supposed to be together in marriage; but because we decided to turn away/harden our hearts to Him, God compromised and let us go.
    Not sure if this makes sense, but just an observation.
    Again, great article. =)

  2. Then if I understand correctly, when we concentrate on relationship with God, we learn to love ourselves and in doing so we learn to see others as He sees us all. Personally, I trip up over my shortsightedness and people’s wrongness – I lose focus in a heartbeat. But the longer I see myself as God sees me, the more He reveals what He sees – our brokenness – vision becomes clearer and love abounds. What a great post!

  3. Don, I love the way you differentiate between the different conversations. Too often I forget the different “teachings” to the disciples, the Pharisees, the “crowds”, etc (working backwards again). And here you have shown me something totally new. Thank you!!

  4. Thus, the message in this passage is not about what loopholes there might be in marriage, but on how we are to live in the Kingdom. – LOVE this! I am reading Gary Thomas’ book “Sacred Marriage”. Does God want us to be happy in marriage or holy? Good thoughts. Love your blog!

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