13 comments on “Little Children

  1. God used your post this morning to confirm a direction. I had just finished meditating on this passage when I opened my email and saw your blog. Thanks for being faithful to His call to write. He is using these posts for His purposes.

  2. It is always interesting how Jesus preached through parables. Not only did it fulfill prophecy but it was so simple a child could understand and grasp it, but difficult enough that scholars could wrestle with it their entire careers. Jesus taught his disciples in a way that continually revealed their heart and motivation. Thanks for sharing Don. Great stuff. Looking forward to the Rich Young Ruler.

  3. As a volunteer primary school scripture teacher, I have seen the positive impact God has on children. They are so excited to hear about Him, and it saddens me when atheists and the like try to make it something horrible and prevent children from hearing the Good News. It is so wonderful, though, to know that Jesus has all the little ones under His wing, just as He has all of us. God bless.

    • Truly said; little children can be quite amazing, inspirational in fact, and God often does amazing things through them. Maybe that is why some want to keep the Good News away from them, but I guess that’s a subject for another day 🙂

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