12 comments on “A Wealthy Young Man

  1. “There is nothing new under the sun.” It is interesting how cultural assumptions creep into theological assumptions and manifest themselves periodically. The Health & Wealth philosophy is big business again! Thanks for your insights as always!

  2. Hi Don. Those who believe in salvation by works interpret the young man’s claim that he obeyed the commandments as proof that it can be done. But Jesus in Matthew 5, as just one example (and Paul in Romans and Galatians), precludes any possibility of anyone successfully obeying the Law. Because Jesus didn’t contradict him doesn’t mean He assented to his claims. Instead, Jesus took the discussion to a place where the young man could no longer argue or try to justify himself. The young man was self-righteous, not righteous. And righteousness only comes by faith in Christ.

    • Quite so; the young man was making the exact error that doomed most of the Jews of that time. The only question left is this: What did he do after speaking with Jesus? Yet that is an academic question, the real issue is: What will you and I do?

  3. great point about looking at ourselves over the “other guy” in the text, and boy what a man with great issues…………….

    oh, wait…………..

    easier to judge than self reflect, judge than give mercy!

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