18 comments on “Reflections over coffee

  1. I know some pathetic fopps at work who is all about the lottery. You know, money buys you happiness mentality. Though for fun, my better half wants me to play these certain number. Yes,tithing at our church will be observed if we win 😎

    Good anslogy about Trump, like him or not. Focus on the prize, in this case Christ.

  2. If I had allowed the obstacles to my current project, including my own perceived inability (FEAR), to keep me from moving forward with it, it would never have been any more than an idea, but I believe that if God is behind it, the obstacles will melt-away, as they have. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still have a bit of trepidation as I am preparing, and preparing to present each week’s lesson, but I am moving forward by faith, faith that God can more than make up for any of my inabilities.



      • We did, needless to say that we didn’t win. 😱 We, occasionally, but a ticket for the fun of it, out of our entertainment budget. The entertainment part isn’t watching to see if we won (we didn’t even check until sometime in the middle of the next day), the fun part is talking about what we would do with the winnings, and how we’d have to deal with it. People don’t think of the problems associated with winning something that big, and there are many problems. My wife read an article in our local paper, they say that 60% of the people who hit big are bankrupt after five years because they just spend it on things that they really don’t need.

        • I heard a business professor say once that if he won the lottery, he would put the winnings in an account he couldn’t touch for at least a year, and then spend full time during that year learning how to manage that much money… and he was a professor of business!

  3. Sure does sound like a lot of spiritual wisdom here! “Forgetting what lies behind I press on toward the mark of the high calling of Christ Jesus.” We can look at the possibles because God takes care of the problems.

  4. Like you, I have never bought a lottery ticket. I just view state-run lotteries as sign of corrupt politicians. Such politicians hold out these carrots. Vote for me, and I will give you all you dreamed for. After each election the carrot fades away until the next election. The lottery is just another carrot, another way for them take the money of suckers and spend it however they wish.

    I wonder how many people realize that the lottery began as a criminal enterprise called the numbers racket.

    It is far better to trust in Jesus. The odds are much better.

    • You’ve got that right Tom; trust in Jesus!

      Personally, I think I pay my “fair share” in taxes, plus some more on top of that. I can’t see any reason to add to that by standing in line to pay a fool’s tax on top of the rest.

  5. I rarely play the lottery because I consider it a waste of money. But I admit that I helped my wife put together a pool at her hospital just because the jackpot was so big. I wasted $40 on that 1 in 292 million chance. I would not have kept most of the money. There are Christian universities, seminaries, and non-profits such as Make-A-Wish that would have been big gift recipients. I would have paid off a mortgage and student loans, but I like my life the way it is and wouldn’t want to change much of anything. Still, it was a waste of money that could have been better spent.

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