8 comments on “The Power of the Gospel

  1. G’Morning, Don.

    I hope, as folks read this post, they carefully note a crucial line here…

    “If so, how can we let them die without hearing the Gospel from someone they know and trust?”

    So deeply, I agree with you. Sharing the Good News of Jesus’ coming, His resurrection, and the relationship Our Father has for and with us through Him… priceless.

    By the same token, that is WORLDS away from the cheap button-holing tract-waggling stranger-on-stranger assault I have often watched in the name of “evangelism”. No relationship, no trust, no respect or sense of the sacredness of the other… Just a superior, self-righteous “scalp hunting” race to get more “jewels in the crown” and scare some poor sod half to death.

    Lol, one of my pet peeves, (and most beloved ministries), was teaching Catholics that Protestants weren’t really TRYING to be rude when they’d walk up and ask, “Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” Much of Catholic prayer, reflection, and discourse with Jesus is intensely PRIVATE, prayer closet, contemplative… often before and after partaking of the Holy Eucharist. Prayer is NOT practiced on street corners, to be observed and admired by men… etc. It’s very intimate, personal, and private. Many Catholics I know, just stutter when asked such a question.

    And the poor Protestant means totally well… all good.

    But it’s like walking up to some gentleman you’ve never met, looking him up and down, and saying (with a measuring eye) “Boxers, or briefs?” Or asking the cup size for a woman. It’s just NOT DONE! It’s bad form. It’s considered no one’s business but the Lord’s, or a spiritual director, pastoral leader, etc.

    And it’s just culture difference….

    Now, a really GREAT conversation between these cultures can start with just a different opening question… Like… “Hey, I’m curious about your faith. Do you mind me asking, how do you see God? How do you relate to Jesus? What’s that like for you?”

    That kind of “level ground sharing” is more than welcome by most I know. Quite different from the “morally superior plinth” and the “inquisition question”.

    Share the Gospel! Yes! Absolutely! All the time, everywhere, everywhen, with everyone.

    But be sure of two three things:
    1. Know what YOUR Gospel is… that is, what impact has the Good News had on your own life?
    2. Build the sharing from the love of the relationship. The relationship has to come first, before any “preaching” begins.
    3. Be sure you are walking in your own Gospel, not preaching “above your head”. If you’re gonna “share” it… it needs to show concretely through your eyes, words, hands.

    Lol, you mention sharing at a Diner as an example. Don’t “share the Gospel” with your server, then just leave just a Roman Road Tract as a tip. (Believe me, I’ve seen it happen.) Loving is our best witness. People so hunger for simple courtesy, respect, and sincere interest and caring for/in their lives.

    Once, as you say, we have a friend who knows and trusts us, we can share the deep truths of the Gospel… OUR Gospel… from our heart into theirs.

    Grace — LM

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  3. You are so right ! The Greatest Power ever given to mankind thru JESUS !!! We are called to offer this Power to anyone who HE sends us to ! Be it at work or sports or shopping absolutely Anywhere ! AMEN ! KEEP THE WORD GOING ! I AM SO ENJOYING YOUR ARTICLES ! May The Lord continue to bless You with HIS WORDS !!!⚓🔥

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