8 comments on “Speaking in Parables Again

  1. This post looks like such a “little transition” commentary from one point to another…

    But I really need to stop a moment, admire this, and point out this incredibly profound truth you show here so very simply. (I envy you that).

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    You say:

    “So, do you recall when the disciples asked Him why He spoke to the people in parables? (13:10)

    “His answer was in 13:11-17, and essentially it was this:” Though seeing, they do not see;
    though hearing, they do not hear or understand” (13:13b).

    “This may be the most obvious example of what Jesus told the disciples back in chapter 13 in the entire New Testament; the Jewish leaders did not see the obvious, for they had not been given the ability to see, because they did not want to see at all.”
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    This “seeing” thing, this “vision” thing, this “eyes of the heart be enlightened” thing, this “if the eye be light” thing, this “beam and splinter” thing… this metaphor is so often, and so critically, and so profoundly… Jesus.

    THIS, in Greek… is “meta-noia” (to “see-beyond”)… “repentance”. We so often mis-apply repentance as “feeling bad”, “feeling sorrowful”, “shame”, “regret”, and determination not to feel that shame again. Paul tells us of two kinds of sorrow…. one that leads to death (e.g. Judas’ despair), and one that LEADS TO repentance. The Sorrow isn’t IN the Seeing. The Sorrow LEADS TO the Seeing. It’s the SEEING where transformation is happening, where the mind is renewed.

    As I read your words, as I related to the narcissism of the Pharisees, versus the humility of the sinners… the word that sprang into my mind was “Wisdom”. I suspect (and I’m just “thinking” here, not “teaching”…) but I suspect that “Wisdom” is the gift of God by which we SEE truth, grace, Him. To open the hands, heart, mind for what God radiates… as opposed to hunkering down, huddled with our colleagues to defend ourselves from God and truth.

    Somehow, looking at your consideration of the Pharisees versus the sinners here, I just heard James echoing in the back of my mind… “If any of you lack wisdom, let him as of God, who gives freely….”

    New thought. Cool thought. Thanks, Don… Again, and again, and again… lol.

    Grace– LM

  2. Of course they don’t see it, because they don’t see themselves as disobedient. They follow the law, and let everyone know they do, so of course they are obedient to the letter.

  3. It is crazy how some believe right away when hearing/seeing the Good News and others just cant see the Truth right in front of them.

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